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DEQ Technical Sales, LLC is your value added supplier of radiation safety equipment. As a Manufacturer’s Representative, we work with some of the world's premier radiation safety equipment companies. With over 100 years of combined experience in radiation safety and health physics instrumentation, our technical staff stands ready to serve your radiation safety equipment needs.



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Ludlum Measurements, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and supplying radiation detection and measurement equipment in response to the worlds' need for greater safety since 1962. Throughout its nearly five decade history, Ludlum has developed radiation detection technologies and instruments in support of enhancing the safety of personnel and the environment in the research, medical, waste management, industrial, nuclear power, DOE laboratories and security markets.


Ludlum Medical Physics is a unique product line from Ludlum Measurements, Inc. created to more fully serve the medical physics community. This collection of equipment and services focus on radiation detection instrumentation along with an accompanying assortment of test tools, phantoms and shielding for diagnostic and nuclear medicine quality assurance.


Protean Instrument is a leading manufacturer of ultrahigh performance counting systems for measuring alpha/beta activity at very low environmental levels. The company was founded in 1989 by people who were the principal designers and manufacturers of the classic "dual-rail" alpha/beta and smear counting systems. Their design and manufacturing expertise is evident in the number of these classic systems still operating today.


Bladewerx provides instrumentation and software engineering products and services to the radiation protection and measurement industry. Specializing in portable alpha-in-air instrumentation and client software applications, the company has a reputation of providing cutting edge technology in both algorithm development and attractive but practical software user-interface design.


Shieldwerx has more than 40-years experience in designing and producing radiation shielding products. They provide state-of-the-art neutron and gamma radiation shielding products, custom design and fabrication of shielding materials, and neutron activation foils, to the nuclear power and nuclear medicine industries, DOE laboratories, manufacturers of security products and accelerator research facilities.


Teletrix has developed realistic simulations of radiation detection instruments and probes since 1988. Their simulators mimic actual radiation meters and operate in a simulated environment where radiation is not present, making radiation training safe yet realistic. Teletrix simulators are used for General Employee Training, Advanced Radiation Worker Training, First Responder Training and Emergency Preparedness Exercises.